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Why Study Abroad?

The question “Why study abroad?” is among the issues explored within our recently released report onTrends in International Student Mobility, according to global surveys of graduate degree applicants within the last 5 years. The report examines a few of the key motivations and priorities for college students trying to get a master’s or perhaps a PhD, and especially those with a desire for studying outside of their very own country. Here’s an introduction to probably the most common answers respondents gave towards the question “Why study abroad?”

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  1. Study in a university having a strong international reputation

A significant motivation for a lot of international students is the possibilities of studying in a university having a strong international reputation. This underlies the continued interest in study destinations like the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany, which boast many universities which are popular and respected worldwide. As increasing numbers of institutions be successful in growing their international reputations, there’s now even more choices than in the past for prospective international students to whom reputation really matters.

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2.Begin to build a worldwide professional network

Finally, studying abroad is definitely a chance to create a really strong international professional network, by establishing friendships with classmates from all across the globe that will long outlast the time period of your study program. If this sounds like one of the motivations for overseas study, you might want to be sure you select a university having a particularly diverse student community. Obviously, it’s not important to study abroad to accomplish this goal; you can decide to study in your country and have the opportunity to meet people from around the world!

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3.Experience life inside a different culture

For a lot of international students, study abroad is the chance to spend a prolonged time period immersed inside a culture apart from their very own is a big area of the appeal of studying abroad. This may just be for your pleasure which comes from encountering new experiences and perspectives, or maybe students happen to be looking ahead for their graduate careers; international experience and intercultural skills are highly valued by a lot of employers. Some students could have a specific destination or culture in your mind, while some may anticipate to explore basically anywhere new.

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