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When Should You Run a Background Check?

The modern technology of today gives us the tools to find out about the people with whom we interact. This is important, because it can help us protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our financial situations from unsavory individuals. From white collar crime to sexual assault, crimes are often committed by individuals with a history of illicit behavior. By conducting a simple search, you can discover the basic details of any individual’s past.

One of the most basic searches you can request is a people search, which allows you to find out just a few important details about an individual. For instance, when you search people in MA with the same name, results will provide you with the contact information and related information for all people in the area with that same name.

Some of these basic details you’ll receive include:

  • Full name
  • Current phone numbers
  • Address history, including current addresses
  • Age and date of birth
  • Relatives
  • Previous aliases

A more extensive background check can provide deeper insight into a person’s past and about the nature of their character. For instance, you can discover details about their marital history, including divorces and child custody cases. Similarly, a thorough search will reveal an individual’s criminal history, lawsuits, and bankruptcies. These details can be especially important, when deciding whether or not to enter into a business arrangement with an individual.

Services, such as those offered by Intelius, can assist you in discovering the details about any individual, but when is this type of search especially beneficial? There are many situations in which knowing something more about an individual can benefit you. We know that employers conduct background searches, before considering a candidate for a position. As a job seeker, you can help yourself by conducting a background search on yourself. This will enable you to see exactly what information the prospective employer will see in advance.

Parents can also use searches to uncover the details about their babysitter, daycare personnel, and other individuals charged with the care of their children. In these cases, it can be especially important to learn about someone’s criminal history. It may even be beneficial to learn about their own family history, such as the causes of any divorces. For instance, you may be reluctant to place your child with a caregiver, who has exhibited a pattern of domestic violence.

These are just a few instances in which conducting a background check or people search can be beneficial. These types of checks do more than just satisfy idle curiosity. They provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone isn’t a criminal menace or won’t pose an unnecessary threat to your financial situation. A background check is just one more way that technology can help us to protect ourselves and our families.

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