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The History of Post War Lingerie You Never Knew

The world has changed a lot in the last 90 years or so. Right from the economic state of countries to various niche markets, everything has transformed itself into a better self. The lingerie market is an amazing example of this transformation. The history of lingerie is so amazing that you cannot afford to turn your back on it. Make sure you learn about it as soon as possible. Here are some of the points that will help you along the way-

The Transformation In Post-War Lingerie Market

Today’s time is completely different from how it was during the late 1940s when the war had just ended and the world was slowly recovering from the loss. Call it the effect of education or changing trends, but now women are more open. Besides, the society is ready to accept them as they are. However, it was not the case back in the first half of the 19th century. At that time, women had to wear longer clothes, and the same rule applied to the lingerie market as well. It was the time when simplicity and unstructured featured were given more importance than anything else, especially in the lingerie market.

Post-War Lingerie Market

The most advanced versions of lingeries were all in “V” shape and far from how you find them in the market today. With the passage of time, designers kept on introducing many new designs in the market. As the fifth decade of the previous century began, the simple ‘V’ shaped lingerie got replaced by the strapless lingerie that was meant to be worn under the evening gowns. On one hand, it gave women a more attractive look, while on the other hand, it gave them the required confidence to face the world in their gowns.

It was the beginning of the 1960s that brought fun style and youthful lingeries in the market and made them an instant hit. During the same decade, the nylon bra and the one without any metal or wire also got popular. The objective of most of the designers to highlight women’s sexuality in a fresh way. These lingeries did the job in the desired manner. With the passage of time, the lingeries continued to become more and more transparent.

History of Post War Lingerie

It’s been over ninety years since lingeries were first introduced in the market. Now that they are available in unique size, color, design, and type, you should explore lingerie market from top to bottom to select the one that can fit your body perfectly. Head to www.royalmedresses.com for this purpose and have a great experience along the way.


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