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How to Learn Music Later in Life

Being able to understand and play music brings many people a great deal of joy. Still, for many people, particularly those over the age of 30, the feeling that it’s too late to learn can be a bit hard to shake.

The fact is that you can learn music at any age, and as an adult, you’ve actually got some advantages when it comes to critical and logical thinking skills that definitely pertain to music. Keep reading to learn more about learning music as an adult and why it’s never too late to learn more about something you have an interest in.

Learn Music

Buy Adult Books

Many adults realize that they want to learn music from scratch later in life. While there’s nothing at all wrong with this, you might notice that many music books are aimed more at children than adults.

Rudimentary exercises on the piano or another instrument can help you learn, but instead of choosing children’s books, look for those designed for adult beginners. You’ll learn correct terminology instead of colloquial terms designed for children.

Adult books will also be a bit more straightforward and to the point when it comes to technique. Since you’re a bit older, you’ll probably see that as a good thing instead of a hindrance.

Devote Time Daily

Whether you’re using books to understand music theory or learning to play the piano for the first time, devoting time to your new hobby is essential if you want a real understanding of music. Finding that time can be difficult as an adult with other responsibilities however.

Ideally, you should attempt to spend one hour per day working on music. This can be in the morning before work, after work or even on your lunch break if you’re working with theory instead of an instrument.

If you can’t work every single day, adding a little extra practice time to sessions that you can fit it – on weekends, perhaps – can help.

Don’t Get Discouraged

As an adult, you’re probably used to most things coming easily to you. The fact is that adults rarely take on completely new tasks and ideas. When you’re learning music for the first time, the whole thing could be fresh.

Don’t get discouraged even if it is hard. Once you get the basics down, you’ll see that you can teach yourself music no matter how old you are.

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