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All about Medical Speakers

Health information has become one of the most marketable information fields in the world today. Corporate bodies and charitable organizations are headlining medical talks as the keynote address in their conferences and events, as the world grapples with increased lifestyle related illnesses. Getting the correct speaker for your event in ...

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A renowned platform to present and interpret history and its significance

When it comes to appreciating history and presenting it in its rightful light, no one does it better than the Cundill literature prize. Established in 2008, with the encouragement and support of Peter Cundill, this platform’s sole purpose isto bring out the originality of historical facts represented by authors and ...

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What Skills Do You Need To Be a Successful Taxi Driver

A lot of people are attracted to becoming a taxi driver because of the flexibility it provides as you choose which hours you want to work. You can also supplement your income with private hire jobs or pick-ups. The taxi and private hire industry employs nearly 300,000 people in the ...

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Fashion Your Passion: Things to Ponder Before Pursuing a Major in Fashion

In the glamorous world of fashion, it’s not all about the bright lights on the runway or the beautiful models wearing the exquisite clothes by renowned designers. It is more than that. You must look beneath the glamour and the layers of pretty fabric. Don’t think “The Devils Wear Prada”. ...

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Why Asian Elephants Are So Special

Elephants are among the largest mammals living today. Due to their large sizes, they eat quite lot and drink much just to maintain their bulky bodies. Asian Elephants however are smaller in size than their African cousins; their ears too are smaller resembling the map of ‘India’ as compared to ...

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