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A renowned platform to present and interpret history and its significance

When it comes to appreciating history and presenting it in its rightful light, no one does it better than the Cundill literature prize. Established in 2008, with the encouragement and support of Peter Cundill, this platform’s sole purpose isto bring out the originality of historical facts represented by authors and to showcase them in a way that will reignite the significance of history throughout the world literary societies. It is one of the most popular, renowned and anticipated literary awards that puts across the worksof various authors in the area of history and showcases the impact that they have had throughout time.

The eligibility criteria

Any author, from any nationality is eligible to win this prestigious prize, however the language of the book has to be in English and in case it is in a different language then a translated version ofthe original copy will also be accepted in the application. Thus there are no linguistic or communal and national boundaries to reach the Cundill stage. The only criteria is to represent the originality of history that can be appreciated and acknowledged worldwide.

interpret history significance

The Cundill platform makes sure that the chosen book has authenticity and originality to its work and has been able to profoundly affect the part of history that has been dealt with. All research references have to be carefully mentioned and acknowledged. There are many application rules that need to be followed and the most important of them are that only the publisher of the book is to apply for the entry and seven copies of each of the applied books have to be sent over with a time deadline. One author could make a maximum of four title entries.

The final decision and the renowned juries

The ultimate decision regarding who deserves the Cundill literature prize is dependent on the expert juries. The five bench panel includes the renowned personalities of Anthony Cary, David Frum, Chad Gaffield, Maya Jasanoff and Anna Porter. Each of the jury members serves up to two years. All of the above mentioned names have exceptional knowledge in areas of history and literature. They are authors, editors, professors from universities of Harvard, Oxfordand Ottawa and such.Therefore, there is no doubt about their knowledge and capabilities of judging a book that truly represents the significance of history in the life of man.

The Cundill University provides the authors with one grand prize of seventy five thousand dollars and two ‘recognition of excellence’ prizes of ten thousand dollars each. This serves as a stepping stone for the ones who strive to reach the position and a push of encouragement for those who want to take their literary historical work to the next level andmake it shine amongst the pages of history.

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