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Translation Services for Patent Documentation

When a patent has been issued that is required in more than one language it is vitally important to hire a translation expert with in-depth knowledge of not only the languages involved but also the disciplines being covered in the patent, both the technical and legal jargon that will be present in the text. Translation for patent documentation is a careful, considered and precise practice and one that should never be taken lightly due to the long-term legal implications should a mistake be made within the translation of the patent.


Even for the most experienced and successful translators, the translation of a patent can pose significant obstacles and pressures to succeed. A patent must be translated in the most accurate, clear and unambiguous way possible, to ensure that it is viable and legal in whichever country it needs to be, and makes complete, crystal clear sense, in whichever language it is required to be translated into.

A patent is a legal protection for your intellectual property (IP). Your IP can cover the name of your company, product or service, it can cover processes unique to your company, branding and marketing designs and a whole host of specific aspects of your work that you want to protect for your use only. Due to the legal complexities of a patent documentation, translating it into another language, should you be looking to protect your interests in other markets around the world, is no straightforward process.

protection for your intellectual property

Patent legislation can also vary from one country to the next, complicating the translation process further. Using translators with a grasp of not only the native language of the country you are looking to translate a patent for, but also those with a legal understanding of that country’s patent legislation and requirements is a necessity. There are a number of stages of the patent process where you might require some assistance to translate documentation. This can include the patent grant request, filing patents, abstracts, specifications and renewals of patents. Within each patent project you are likely to also require myriad other supporting documentation, permits, papers and marketing materials that come as part of the intellectual property you are trying to patent.

searching for a translation company that can provide

When searching for a translation company that can provide you with the patent translation you require for your industry, intellectual property and the specific markets you are trying to enter, consider a number of things that they should be able to help you with. Patents are often highly sensitive and private subjects, as it is about the long-term protection of a business asset. Your translation service should fully understand and be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement before commencing with the project. Quality assurance should be conducted as a matter of fact and urgency once the translation has taken place. This confirms the integrity of the translation from one language to the next, as well as the authenticity within the legal parameters of the language it is being translated into.

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