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Top Canadian Careers to Consider

Recent studies have found that few employees in Canada have job security, and unemployment remains high. Many are looking at changing careers or going back to school for more training to make themselves more attractive to employers.

If you find yourself struggling to get work or to earn the pay you need, you may want to consider looking into one of these in-demand careers:


Paralegals provide legal support for attorneys, including preparing legal documents, overseeing record management, and conducting research for cases. Service Canada expects jobs to grow significantly in the coming years for paralegals thanks to changing legislation and overall economic growth.

Canadian Career Paralegal

To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to enroll in a paralegal course to get your diploma. You can finish the program in just under a year, ensuring that you are ready to take advantage of the current demand for paralegal professionals.

Pharmacy Assistant

As medical advances continue, more and more drugs will become available to manage symptoms and cure health problems. A pharmacy assistant helps to manage pharmacy records, label drugs, oversee inventory, and more. Pharmacy assistants must be versed in the medical, legal, and technical issues related to the job.

Choose a medical assistant course that will provide you all the information and skills you need for success in the shortest amount of time. Some programs can be finished in as little as 10 months, allowing you to start your new career as quickly as possible.

Computer Technician

Demand for computer technicians spiked at the turn of the millennium but has quieted since then. Even still, demand remains high as we continue to employ computers and other technology in our everyday lives.

Career Computer Technician

Computer technicians are responsible for diagnosing hardware and software and solving problems. Specialized technicians may also be responsible for running the entire network for a company, including database management. The more training you have, the more specialized positions you will qualify for and the more earnings potential you will have.

The key to success in these or any other careers is to get the best training you can. It is important to find a reputable training program that provides all the knowledge and skills you need for success in the job. Look for programs that also provide assistance with finding your first job after you graduate. Some even help you find internships to transition into employment.

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