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Splunk Architecture

As expected, there is greater complexity involved when migrating to a completely new set of hardware versus adding a few Indexers into your environment.  If you are adding the search peers via the cli or by editing the file you will need to install the public key from the head onto your peers if you add via the ui you can skip this step by providing user credentials on the search peer and splunk will install the key for you. Looking at the architecture again, you will see that almost everything is redundant.

Splunk software is already being used to help IDT in IT operations, where IDT reports the mean time to resolve IT incidents improved by more than 20 minutes per incident as overall network uptime dramatically increased. IDT also uses Splunk Enterprise to continuously monitor their security systems in order to automatically mitigate risks, detect fraud and assist with security investigations.

Splunk Architecture

Unfortunately when it comes to certain workloads, there’s apprehension and concern of a performance impact due to virtualization, and BigData workloads like Splunk & Hadoop are among those. Splunk and Hadoop workloads rely on ‘data-locality’ (compute processes read and write data from direct attached storage) to drive maximum performance. Nutanix solves for both the above concerns via it’s distributed file system (NDFS), thus enabling virtualization of Splunk and Hadoop without affecting performance.

Indexers scale out almost limitlessly and with almost no degradation in overall performance, allowing Splunk to scale from single-instance small deployments to truly massive Big Data challenges. Since most of the data interpretation happens as-needed at search time, the role of the search head is to translate user and app requests into actionable searches for it’s indexer(s) and display the results. The Splunk web UI is highly customizable, either through our own view and app system, or by embedding Splunk searches in your own web apps via includes or our API. Splunk can not only distribute the data collection challenge, but also search tasks as well.

Splunk Architecture

The Splunk instance that indexes data, transforming raw data into events and placing the results into an index It also searches the indexed data in response to search requests. Splunk is a distributed system in which a component can fail and the system will continue to work because the forwards will redirect traffic to the available indexers. Splunk Training By TekSlate offers end to end implementation of Splunk

A few users have asked for support of third-party business intelligence tools, but Splunk hasn’t provided that yet. But then, I have trouble understanding how Splunk could provide flexible and robust reporting unless it tokenized and indexed specific fields more aggressively than I think it now does. As you point out, most of the time you interact with splunk by building and saving searches, usually through a simple and interactive process. A search can be as simple as failed login”, which will search our index using keywords much like the way Google will search the web for failed login”, except that splunk will return log events, config files, network packets, etc., that contain those terms.

Splunk Architecture

Splunk indexers perform best when they read and write from local storage providing for fast access, but more importantly enable organizations to start small and scale out their indexing tier as their usage grows. This scale out deployment model enables easy to manage, multi-petabyte Splunk deployments while maintaining the flexibility and granularity of procurement of bare-metal servers. Ability to snapshot entire data sets, and support for infrastructure level disaster recovery makes it possible for organizations to ingest valuable business data into Splunk for advanced analytics.

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