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Review of the Best Open Education Resources

A few years ago the OpenCourseWave Consortium held its annual meeting to celebrate 10 years  its existence. They started the movement to make education content freely and openly accessible online even earlier in the 2000s.

With that program, MIT OpenCourseWave launched a crucial educational movement. Susan Hockfield, MIT President, described it as “the tradition of the global intellectual commons” as well as the result of technology.


Nowadays, open educational resources have increased in usage and popularity. A lot of new resources have opened as well. For instance, Wikipedia and Khan Academy are one of them, which you have probably heard about already. In this article, you will find a review of the best open educational resources you may not know about, but should.


OpenStudy is a wonderful social network for traditional students and independent learners, who can join together in a multiplayer study group. Through this network, students can find other learners working in similar areas in order to answer other students’ questions and support each other. This is a solid way to develop online learning skills. More than that, OpenStudy resource supports several study groups, including a few focused on MIT OCW courses.


The Peer 2 Peer University is a local open learning project in which everybody can take part. Volunteers assist in the learning process but the students are in charge. P2PU uses both open content and the social network with the help of a lifelong learning model.


A learning management platform NIXTY supports open learning resources. It is designed to maintain open courses so that teachers, schools, and students’ work is not closed off from the rest of the Internet resources.


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OER Glue

This website is still under development, but it’s already very promising. This startup is building a tool that will allow learners and teachers to stick together. OER Glue will be able to integrate and reuse resources rather than having to copy-and-paste them.


OCWSearch engine is dedicated to helping students find OCW content. Unfortunately, this project is no longer under development, but you can still find there the content from ten universities, including Notre Dame, MIT, and the Open University UK.


This is an open and free multimedia website, which demonstrates how pricey, heavy, and obsolete long-established art history textbooks are.


This is a Japanese startup project, which is building mobile and web apps in order to make and support social audio and video OCW content. Students can share resources from this website to Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote in order to actively participate in discussions about OCW content.

Flat World Knowledge

This is a textbook publisher for college students. Their books are published under an open license. It means that professors can customize the books, which they order. They can mix, edit and add other materials. Students and learners can either get free access to the books online or pay for audiobook versions and print-on-demand.

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