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Planning a Teacher – Themed Wedding

If either person (or both) of the engaged couple is a teacher – a natural choice for a wedding theme is school or literary related. There are so many clever ideas for including school elements in the wedding planning, both broad and subtle.

Sending “save the date” cards that correspond to the theme is a wonderful way to set the mood and let the guests know they’re invited to a special union!  Library cards sent to request the ‘borrowing’ of the guest for the event is a lovely idea as well.

Planning a Teacher

Following that style, invitations for a teacher-themed wedding could be just as clever! The main invitation could be sent as a syllabus and guests could return RSVP cards marked on their personal attendance report. Along the same lines, an adorable location of a wedding for teachers would definitely be a school or public library, if it were available.

The fun part of planning a teacher-themed wedding definitely has to be the sheer amount of lovely decorating that can be done!  The ideas are endless!  Greet guests with seating cards that are filed alphabetically in a card catalog (does anyone know what those are in this age of computer filing?).  Or allow them to find their assigned seating by attaching names to apples or pencils displayed at the guestbook table.

If the bride is carrying a bouquet, why not use a paper rose bouquet created out of pages from a textbook in a subject they teach? You can find several tutorials for these types of roses on the internet.

Themed  Wedding

Beautiful wedding reception centerpieces can get really creative for a teacher-themed wedding! A charming stack of old books topped with a small vase of flowers makes for a lovely centerpiece, as do a stack of books with an opened book at the top or resting against them with the table number stenciled on the visible page.

Perhaps the tables are named, instead of numbered, after the teacher’s favorite literary pairs. Bountiful bowls or piles of beautiful red apples are a nod to the traditional gift for the teacher. There are so many choices that are perfect for a teacher’s wedding!

teacher’s wedding

An idea for wedding guest favors would be to ask each guest invited to bring a copy of their favorite book and place it on a shelf provided at the reception, and when they leave they are free to choose a book that someone else has already placed there. A wedding book exchange across many groups of friends and family, across many generations, could be the most personal and inclusive gift ever given to guests at a wedding. Or even small copies of the couples’ favorite books could be given to every guest as a wedding favor.

wedding sparklers

Of course, you can always use some classic wedding ideas and supplies such as handing out wedding sparklers you bought online or little jars of bubbles that you put together yourself with water and dish soap; but you need to limit these things in comparison to the education-themed items. It is after all still a wedding, but you want to make sure that it really sticks to the teacher-themed style like everything else.

There are so many ideas for how to incorporate the personal touch of a teacher in the wedding theme!

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