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Live Online Training as an Alternative Business Teaching Technique

Training in the workplace is big business, not only for the providers but also as a way of developing individual talent within a company and ensuring that the staff as a whole continue to grow and develop. The right type of training can make a huge difference to the success of a company, allowing management to hone in on specific traits and techniques specific to their company and processes, and giving a route to the top for all employees, making them feel engaged.

Business Teaching Technique

Traditionally training in the workplace has taken two forms:

In-House Training – This style of training takes place in an office boardroom, or somewhere similar where plenty of people can sit together to learn. An in-house training provider will either be employed by the company specifically, or be hired to come in for the day.

External Training – For this type of training whole teams or departments will travel to a separate location during work hours to be trained for a morning, afternoon, or in some cases an entire day. This can be used for general training on a wide range of topics.

For both of these there are benefits of course, but you are losing manpower, time and money as a company owner. So what is the alternative?

Business Teaching Technique1

Live online training offers a wide range of benefits to your staff if you are looking for a different approach to workplace training. Here we take a look at a few of the benefits you’ll discover, utilising it as a way to complement traditional business training methods, not to replace them entirely, as everyone learns in a different way and benefits from different approaches.

Use Multiple Devices

Being able to look at educational materials on multiple devices allows your staff to learn at their own pace and in a way that is most comfortable to them. If you need them to log in at their desk in the workplace and gain access via the work computer they can do, or they can catch up on training via a smartphone or laptop. Whether they are in work, on the move, or at home with free study time, all they need to get going is a pair of headphones and away you go.

Learn in Any Location

The traditional way of training your staff would mean you are limited to those that are present, either in your business premises, or at the dedicated training location off-site. Live online training allows your staff to be flexible, not only with the device they use to view the training, but their location.

Business Teaching Technique2

Cost Effective for the Company

It’s a no brainer in terms of cost to apply some live business training through online learning. You won’t have to lose an entire section of your staff for a whole day, whether off-site or in-house, as well as the travel budgets that have to be considered for business training.

There are a number of benefits for both the staff members who are learning new skills and for the company in terms of cost and effective long-term planning for training staff.

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