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Learning English in Ireland

It is commonly acknowledged that learning a foreign language can enhance your personal life as well as your business prospects. When you decide to learn a foreign language, you should look into which languages are most used in your field. If you are not currently in the business field, you should look at which languages are most commonly used in the field you would like to join. However, if you are not looking to learn a language for business purposes, you should learn something that is widely used around the world. The English language is spoken on every continent in the world and is a native language for millions of people. It is the third most common native language after Mandarin and Spanish. Over 50 countries around the world cite English as their official language. Even where English is not the official language, it is the language of business. Many people around the world learn English as a second language, so if you are not looking to get into business, you could still communicate all around the world with those who speak some amount of English. This might not be so useful all the time, but it can usually help you find a bathroom when you’re in a foreign country.

Learning English in Ireland

When you learn English, you should look into a school that specialises in teaching English. English is comprehensible around the world. Creole and pidgin languages are the only kinds that are not mutually understandable around the world; however, they usually can be understood by skilled English speakers. That means that you should learn a standard form of English which will be understood around the world. What’s more standard than the English language spoken in the UK?


Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is a wonderful place to learn English, not only because English is a native language there, but also because it is an exciting city. Dublin has the largest city park in Europe, there are hundreds of concerts every day, and there are no snakes in Dublin, Ireland. If you’re from an area that boasts a lot of snakes, it might be kind of nice to escape that for a little while. Luckily, at www.delfinschool.com/en, you can find opportunities to learn English in snake-free Dublin.



So, why should you learn English instead of Mandarin or Spanish if those are more common native languages spoken? While those two might be more common as native languages, English is more common as a bridge language between non-native speakers. That means, for someone who speaks Mandarin as a native language and someone who speaks Spanish as a native language, they are more likely to run into someone who speaks English as a second language than they are someone who speaks their languages as a second language. You could even think of English as the universal second language of business people around the world.

learn English instead

It’s not only about business, though. Unlike many other languages, English is not divided into seriously distinguished dialects. Any English dialect that you learn will be understood by English speakers everywhere.

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