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How to control your increasing anger

Anger is one of the most negative feelings in the list of human emotions. There are many people around us that always remain angry. Some of them are so because of the terrible situations they have crossed over in life. Again, it can be a human emotion that dominates people from birth. Some even inherit the odds of rage and quarrelsome attitude. If you call it a quality of the zodiac sign, then it’s a matter of debate and we are not entering into it.

Do you have the similar problem? If you know that this act of emotion is slowly killing you from inside and driving you out from your social life completely- it’s the high time when you need help. We have here a couple of ideas that can help you to control the issue of increasing anger. Let’s scan it out—

Self-help is the best help

You can be your best guide for anger management. Whenever you feel like getting angry, try to let go the anger by diverting your thought immediately in some other things that are pleasant. You have to be your own guide and talk to yourself whenever you are getting angry. Instead of nurturing the feeling, think that you are doing nothing but hampering your peace of mind and the increasing anger is also elevating the normal blood pressure. Things can turn worst and you can get a cerebral attack or a cardiac arrest because of the extreme anger. You will gradually calm yourself.

Music therapy

If you have a passion for music, listen to lots of good music that ensure peace of mind. Keep the acid rocks and heavy metals aside for a while and concentrate to instrumentals like flute or piano that help to soothe the mind. Chanting of the hymns is also highly helpful. You can get the MP3s ready in your phone and keep playing any of the fine tunes you like to keep manage your temperament. You can also hum a tune as you are working or in a tensed situation just to keep yourself away from getting angry.



Yoga has an immense contribution in controlling human emotions. If you determined to reduce your anger and live a peaceful life, practicing yoga can be very effective to reduce different negative types of emotions stress, fear, anxiety, and pain – that tend to ooze rage in human beings.

Try to be more amiable and compassionate to people and whenever you are getting angry, start counting from 10 to 1 to control your emotions instantly.

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