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How to Avoid the Back to School Blues

As the summer holidays come to an end, the family faces the annual upheaval of returning to the school routine, which can be quite a strain on everyone. For close to 2 months, the daily schedule has been a relaxed affair, with the children typically sleeping late and hence getting up in the mid-morning hours, and while some families seem to handle the transition well, others find it an uphill struggle. If you tend to have problems making the switch from holiday to term time, here are some tips to make things smoother for all concerned.

Call a Family Meeting

Ideally, this would occur two weeks before the start of the new term, and with your children’s help, you should begin to make preparations for the up and coming changes. Start by asking each child to make a list of items they must prepare, and by getting them involved in the preparation, you are helping to instil a sense of responsibility. Of course, age is a concern, so try to assign tasks that are suitable for that age group, and of course, older children should help their younger siblings.

Purchasing School Clothing

This must be done with time to spare, and to avoid unnecessary travelling, there are online suppliers who have an extensive inventory of Australian school uniforms, and with lower than retail prices, there are savings to be had. Make sure you allow enough time for delivery, and don’t forget to have labels sewn into all the garments with the child’s name clearly written, which will avoid your kids coming home with someone else’s clothes.

Student Equipment

The average student requires many items during a typical school day, but the essentials would include the following:

  • Pens, pencils and erasers
  • Rulers and set squares
  • Colour pencils and highlight pens
  • Compass
  • Calculator
  • School bag

There would also be a range of sporting items that need to be prepared, which might include sports shoes, track suits and sports clothing, along with essential swimming costume and goggles.

Changing the Daily Routine

This should not be left until the first day of school, and ideally, at least one week prior to the big day, everyone should be up and about at an appointed time. This allows time for the children to return to the school routine, and by ensuring they are all in bed at the agreed time, they will wake up refreshed and ready for a busy day. It isn’t very effective to have your kids up and about with nothing to do, so why not assign some simple housework tasks to keep them occupied? Otherwise, they may well want to go back to bed, and with nothing to do, it is difficult to justify the early rising.

As a parent, you also must begin to make the changes that school requires, so make sure you allow for that extra time in the mornings, and with all of the essential supplies ordered online, the new term should not cause any major issues at home.


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