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How Edugrove Playgroup in Pasir Ris Help with Holistic Language Learning

Children learn through play. Their formative years are the most important of your child’s life. Neural connections made during this time would be the most lasting. Therefore, being able to instill a good foundation for languages during this phase in your child’s life would provide a great head start to your child’s ability to learn Mandarin.

Learn how Edugrove’s Playgroup in Pasir Ris would help your child develop language skills holistically.

Our Playgroup in Pasir Ris Provides a Sensory Approach to Learning

At their young age, toddlers are natural imitators—they learn through imitating adults. Therefore, mere constant exposure to the language would allow your child to soak up the Mandarin language. Furthermore, by exposing your child to various experiences—such as both sensory activities, as well as exercises in water, your child would be able to associate learning Mandarin to interesting experiences, leading to them being definitely more open and welcome to learning Mandarin.

With multi-sensory approaches to learning Mandarin, your child would also develop their learning capabilities through their different senses. For example, some children are naturally inclined towards visual forms of learning, while others are more auditory learners. By exposing them to different types of learning, your children would be able to develop inclinations to learning through all different forms of sensory learning.

Learning through Play

At their age, play is known to be one of the most important channels through which children learn—not only about the world around them but also about social interaction. Being able to use Mandarin to interact with others is an important milestone for your child. Furthermore, being able to use both their imagination and physicality to express themselves also plays a large part in a child’s development of self. You would be surprised at how much you can learn about your child through storytelling and drama!

Being one with Nature

Of course, another way for children to learn about the world around them is also through exploration. With Edugrove’s Playgroup in Pasir Ris, we bring your child, fully supervised, to Pasir Ris Town Park, just a stone throw away from our campus. Once there, we conduct activities that will sate your toddler’s natural curiousity—all while interacting in Mandarin! This way, we teach your children Mandarin not through a forced education that depends too heavily on rote memorisation or stuffy workbook exercises, but by introducing them to life—in Mandarin.

So choose the natural route of learning, and allow your child to learn by experiencing life in Mandarin.

With Edugrove’s Playhouse in Pasir Ris Sports Center, we are a convenient walk away from Pasir Ris MRT, and your child can grow holistically, in an environment conducive to learning Mandarin.

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