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Get Oriented With Six Sigma

One who ventures or is already in business certainly needs all the help he can get and with this in mind, someone came up with brilliant ideas comprised as Six Sigma. Do you know what Six Sigma is? This is something that can greatly give you an edge over your competitors if you are in business or trying to be in one. If you are interested to be Six Sigma certified or if you just want to dig deeper about this, you check this out 6sigma.com.  Here everything will be explained in detail such as the Six Sigma belts of certifications, the certifications themselves and everything that concerns this methodology. If you are having a hard time growing your business or maybe you fear that you might not be able to maintain the status of your business, then this is for you. You should check this out.

Get Oriented With Six Sigma

While there are so many blogs in this topic, you can also start to learn about Six Sigma below:

There are five belts that you need to go through if you want to become a master in Six Sigma. These belts are:

  • Master black belt
  • Black belt
  • Green belt
  • Yellow belt
  • White belt

If you want to get the top belt which is the master black belt, then be prepared for more trainings and projects that you will be required to undergo. You will also need to clear a Six Sigma exam for every level.

In business, Six Sigma has become the benchmark. The good thing about this is this is a transferrable skill set and can be applied in almost all types of platforms since the fundamental notions remain intact.

Get Oriented With Six Sigma...

Six Sigma has a myriad of benefits to boost such as:

  • Customer satisfaction levels are enhanced
  • Boost of revenue
  • Cost is minimized
  • Process variation is minimized
  • Morale of employees is enhanced and boost of ownership and participation.

As what is mentioned a number of times, this is a methodology. It takes all works as something that can be defined, analyzed, measured, controlled and improved. At the same time, this follows two systems such as:

  • DMAIC – define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  • DMADV – Define measure, analyze, design and validate when it comes to process design and re-engineering.

Through Six Sigma, one business can be better than the other as though each business differs when it comes to their management styles as well as priorities, but a business that focuses more in computing as well as driving management behaviours or prioritizing can generate more ROIs than those who mainly do guesswork and let luck determine the result of their business.

Get Oriented With Six Sigma....

Six Sigma is indeed a methodology that every business should be familiar with. So if you plan to venture in business, be sure to equip yourself with the belts of Six Sigma as by then, you will have a better chance of squeezing your business through the already established giants.

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Peter, a master black belt Six Sigma certified is saying that nothing can beat a fully equipped person. Doors will be opened on their own.

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