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Eight Smart Things to Consider to Effectively Speak in Public

The best public speakers in the world have some things in common. Those who want to master the art of public speaking should consider the following factors before they talk in front of a crowd.


Your Personality

Public speakers are judged by their audience based on the content of their speech and on their personality. How you dress and carry yourself on stage can largely affect your presentation’s quality. Ensure you are presentable enough to deserve the respect of the people in front of you.

Knowledge and Content

You definitely cannot speak what you don’t know. Many people speak a lot than they know. It is imperative to read as much as possible on the topic from various sources. This broadens your perspective and helps you take an intelligent stand. Also, ensure you deliver content that educates your audience. Remember that what you say will have an impact on the possibility of your audience to continue to listen to you from start to finish.


Audience Profile

A good public speaker must be aware of the background, expectations, priorities and profession of his audience. Such exercise will offer you wit valuable insights on how to structure your talk. For instance, you will not want to talk about parenting to a crowd filled with single people.


The crowd in front of you may forget what say; however, they may always remember your emotions on the topic. After taking Singapore training courses for speaking in public and be in the professional public speaking field for some years, you can increase or decrease your emotional intensity on any topic. Your audience will be able to greatly sense how much you believe and don’t believe. It is your passion in your speech that makes people feel you and continue to you the attention you deserve at that moment.


Non-verbal communication

Around 60 percent of communication is performed non-verbally. The best public speaker pays plenty of attention to their non-verbal communication including body language and tonal quality. Simple messages can be amplified by appropriate use of body movement and variation in tone.

Emotional and Fun Quotient

Surveys show that the audience tends to remember a message when it has humor and emotional appeal. These two components must be present to come up with the best presentations. The fun part there is meant to keep your audience interested and may be awake. You need some strategies to engage your audience while you speak in front of them.


After doing your homework on the topic and the profile of your audience, take into account the best medium for conveying your presentation’s message. Will you consider a Power Point presentation or other ways to communicate your ideas on the topic?



Truly, repetition is the mother of all skills. The more you practice on what you will present, the better your chances of achieving perfection in it. Spend some time in front of a mirror and speak for a few minutes on various topics on a daily basis. If possible, record yourself on a camera. Public speaking is a skill that everybody can learn and can be mastered by anyone who decides to.

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