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CV Tips that never go wrong

It’s not always you that is wrong when you don’t ace an interview. Most of the times, it’s that CV that is causing the entire blunder.


There are certain tips if you follow in CV making then you will never ever go wrong at the interview:

  1. Every job is different and so are the employers. Your CV should be tailored according to the employer and the job position. The CV must address the aspects that are relevant and make you worthy of the position.
  2. Make sure your CV is clear, concise, easy to read and to the point.
  3. Always try to keep the CV at max up to 3 pages and make sure you put all that is relevant and nothing clutter.
  4. The CV should be error free as they put a very bad impression over the interviewer. Thus, always double check then triple check for errors.
  5. Change your email address to a professional one if you have casual one like heythereguys@, igiveadamn@, dontcareaboutanything@. These will certainly not impress the recruiter!
  6. Don’t try fancy fonts, borders or colors. Always remember it’s the content of the CV that is going to do the wonder.
  7. Honesty is the best policy. Always right the things that you are truly capable in, things that you can justify, or it may fire back at you in future. Better safe than regret!
  8. Make your educational and employment gaps explained well.
  9. Always use a formal language that is also positive and vibrant.
  10. Always use standard fonts and maintain a consistency throughout the CV, such as in fonts, font sizes, bolds and underlining.
  11. Bring the uniqueness and a personal touch in the CV. It gives a strong positive impression over the interviewer about your individuality.
  12. Enlist the few key responsibilities of every role you have ever performed.
  13. Enlist your key strengths that make you suitable for the job position applied.
  14. Do not include your photo (unless it has been asked to affix one)
  15. Include a summary of your past work experiences, if you are experienced but if you are just a fresher start with all your educational qualifications and achievements relevant to the applied job.
  16. Attach the cover letter that addresses all your qualifications and achievements asked in the job advertisement.

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