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College predictor for JEE main

JEE examination is an opportunity for the students. It is step for the future. The students who are looking for an opportunity to carry on their studies in medical or engineering seek an opportunities to appear for JEE, which is conducted every year.

The admission to this field is taken on the basis of the scores in the main JEE examination. After the publication of the result of JEE, it is a common issue to all the students that they are at dilemma, and doesn’t get an idea of where to get admission.

College predictor for JEE main

In this situation any person can get their problem solved or get a complete solution to their queries through the tools of college predictor. Any person willing to get admission in engineering’s, IITS, AIEEE, NITs and due to lack of clarity of information and due to inadequate information you could not get the details about the admission procedure and colleges to get admitted. So college prediction can really bring you to complete solution.

College predictor is a device through which an aspirant would be able to know of where to get admission. It provides you the information of sufficient number colleges, in which an aspirant can get opportunities according to the scores of their examination in JEE.

College predictor is a pioneering tool created by career360 and its major purpose is that it help in predicting the college and courses to the aspirants according to its needs and wants. In college predictor it predicts on the basis of previous years results and counselling scrutiny.

Procedures for college predictor JEE main 2016

College predictor can be used in the following procedures

  • You can login with your Facebook account or can search on the Google
  • The candidates has to enter their JEE main roll number
  • The aspirants needs to enter their ranks and scores in the JEE main
  • The candidate has to enter the branches and the college which he/she prefer
  • The candidates also can state the quota if available
  • The candidates has to mentioned the name of the state where he or she opt to get admitted

Then the predictor in consideration to the above mentioned procedures can predict according to your wants and remove your confusion.

Option to be put forward are

Then the candidates has to opt for either

  1. On the basis of cut-off marks or
  2. On the basis of preference

On the basis of cut-off marks a list of branches will be shown with their colleges and the candidates is to prefer on the basis of their JEE scores. In another a branches to their preference has been shown which a candidates has to opt according to ones liking and wants.

College prediction on the basis of scores

College prediction can help you on the basis of the scores of your JEE examination. The higher marks he scores the more easy it could be for him/her to get preference in admission because in this competitive world every thing depends on the scores of your performance.

There are cut off marks present in every topmost college in India.  This would help in predicting the colleges according to ones marks and rankings.

Any aspirant who desire to get admission in engineering can prefer the colleges one after another of which has been shown after prediction by entering the scores and the tools of college prediction can greatly help you in finding your best colleges that you wish to get admission.

College prediction on the basis of the branch that you prefer

College prediction can also help you to find the best colleges that you wish according to the streams and branches that you opt for. While predicting you has to enter the branches or the steam s into which you want to pursue.  It can help you even though your rankings are not higher but you have crack the JEE exam.

How to get updated with college predict in JEE main

To  get the latest information regarding admission to colleges through college predict you can get updated by furnishing your email address , name in full , mobile number , the state you belong  and the names of the states that you prefer to get admitted.

The information regarding the colleges would automatically get updated in your email address or the mobile number and therefore college prediction can really help you to solve your problems and queries.

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