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Building Workforce Capability through Professional Development Programs

In years gone by, employers would hire staff that were trained and job ready so that those employees could hit the ground running and produce immediate results for the business. But this approach was flawed. Not committing time and funds to continuing to train employees meant that sometimes staff would fall behind their peers in other organisations, making them less competitive, with a reduced capacity to anticipate the needs of the customer.

Development Programs

Employers began to realise that investing in the development of their staff would have a positive impact on their ability to identify and meet the needs of the customers, identify and resolve internal issues, and better contribute to managing the direction of the business so that it could achieve its strategic, operational, and financial goals.

Enter corporate management training. Now employers can access a range of corporate programs designed specifically to cater to the needs of organisations that need to continually develop and enrich the skills of their workforce so that they can keep pace with and pursue best practice.

What Subjects Are Covered Within Corporate Training?

Corporate training providers across the globe offer a range of different programs that cater to the needs of staff at all levels, across different functions and with different areas of expertise. You can find programs on various topics, including:

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Teamwork
  • Financial Analysis, Budgeting & Reporting
  • Strategic Planning & Auditing
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Speaking & Training
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Effective Communications

Corporate Training

How Is Corporate Training Delivered?

Courses are generally delivered face to face, as there are valuable benefits attached to staff conducting training in a group setting where new concepts and ideas can be discussed and explored with others.

The important thing to remember about corporate training is that reputable providers will offer a calendar of standard courses that you can enrol one or two staff in. Staff will then work their way through the curriculum program that is set within that course.

Alternatively, the corporate training provider can work with you to custom design a course that is tailored to your needs. You might take some elements of one course and some elements of another course and mesh them together to create a custom program. Usually this program will need to be run for a minimum number of your staff. To ensure that the tailor made course meets your needs, the provider might conduct a skills analysis to identify what competencies need to be addressed within the program.

Corporate Training Delivered

Remember the Benefits of Corporate Training

If you are considering the benefits of corporate training, and weighing whether it is worth the investment, remember:

  • Training often leads to better quality work
  • Training staff in areas they have not previously worked in provides you with increased flexibility

Corporate Training

Employees often see training as a reward and, hence, are more likely to commit to the employer rather than start looking around for other employment opportunities.

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