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Back to School Supplies – What do Students Need in Art Class?

Going back to school is an exciting experience for school age children. Classroom activities are organized in such a way to stimulate the cognitive mind. Cognitive learning is also facilitated by the use of basic school supplies and specific aids to teaching. Therefore, going back to school involves the adequate provisioning of back to school supplies for the upcoming lessons that are adequate to last the entire term.

Students Need

One of the most anticipated classroom activities is the art class. The art class is popular among children because this is a venue for them to express their creativity and individuality. However, as rewarding as the experience may be, this class requires a number of back to school supplies at their disposal. Here are the basic items that school age children need in the uptake of their art classes.


When buying sketchpads, it is a good idea to purchase at least two. One can be used for the creation of drafts and ideas while the other one is better reserved for more practiced drawings. It is also necessary to get hold of a good quality paint pad as the cheaper paint pads leak through and don’t hold heavy paints too well. This is important because no one would want to end up with a ruined artwork due to the use of poor quality paper.

art Students Sketch Pads


Children will need many sketching pencils. It is a good idea to buy a tin of soft grade pencils as well as average pencils. These pencils make drawing and shading far easier and likewise render good results. When it comes to color pencils, it is a good idea to invest in a little more pricey set because the cheaper coloring pencils tend to rip paper. It is important to keep this in mind given the propensity of kids to push pencils harder on paper to get the coloring results they want. Also, the better quality pencils help create a 3 dimensional effect on sketches, which can really be impressive to look at.

sketching pencils


Kids will need different paintbrushes for exercises using acrylic paints and watercolor. For watercolor renders, children will require softer brushes as the strokes are more obvious and the brush needs to absorb the paint and water. With acrylics, they need less absorbent brushes sinceacrylic is hard to wash out. Thiswill cause brushes to stiffen. What is recommended is the purchase of many brush sizes appropriate for painting respective details.

Supplies art Paintbrushes

Paint Palette

The art class may provide students with a watercolor palette but what is recommended is to purchase an individual set that your child can use. This is to promote consistency over output as kids became accustomed to the quality and outcome of their set. It would also come in handy for kids to have their own paint palette with said back to school supplies running short in bigger classes.

Supplies art Paint Palette

Before school starts, help children prepare for their art class. Make sure to search and shop online for affordable back to school supplies for preschool. Have fun creating!

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