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Applicant Tracking Systems for the Convenience of Recruiting Teams

Applicant Tracking Systems are candidate tracking software’s that can manage and track interactions with probable employees and recruiting managers. It enables recruitment procedures to be handled electronically. It can be appliedin the enterprises and small businesses level both. It is basically a resume database and a contact management segments that have CRM tools. With robust analytics and reporting substructures it saves a lot of money and time of the user. It makes HR professional’s everyday task easier.  The applicant tracking systems bring some profound benefits to the Recruitments team.

These are the user-friendly softwares that can be used by the entire recruitments staff and it can help staffing and recruitment professionals to become more productive. Being entirely web-based, the recruiting software, the HR staff can work on ATS from anywhere. Many critical recruitment tasks can be performed with these applications.  The recruitment and related procedures like client contact management, job requisition management, and applicant contact modules can be simplified.

Applicant Tracking Systems

You can also say that an ATS is a high-performance resume database. It gives an intuitive interface that digs about the most appropriate information from this database via search engines. One can find multiple resumes using keywords and skills.  It also includes powerful import/export efficacies that will assist in loading resumes in a variety of formats.

Most of all, these applications provide a convenience in managing and storing interactions between applicants and client contacts. These programs use built-in contact management and (CRM) component to ease these communications.

The ATS applications also have integrated reporting capabilities that can access financial data, “time to hire” analysis and more. It can report on placements, applicant sources, applicant EEOC attributes,commissions, assessments, activities, time sheets etc.

So when you are deciding upon an ATS system for you, check for a few things with your vendor. Check the resources that will be required to implement ATS. While some require assistance of in-house IT others may need external consultants. Also check who would be the first point of contact for candidates? This can be from the vendors themselves or we can have users in-house to manage enquiries.  As ATS can provide the best services with respect to hiring function, select the ATS that can give a better experience and a wider pool of talent to suit your organizational needs.

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