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All About Hair Extensions

Have you seen celebrities wearing hair extensions? For sure you did and this is why, you arrive at this page. Yes, hair extensions are the constant allies of celebrities or you can say that the allies of their hairstylists. Why do you think so? Is it because they can’t do something with their hairs thus they always end up making use of hair extensions? Does it mean that their hair stylists are not that capable? Nope, that is never the case and instead, you can find the best hairstylists in their midst.


The main reason why hair extensions are their constant tools in making celebrities arrive to the look they desire is because they can add volume to the hair as well as the trend of generating different colors which can also perk up their looks. Another reason is the fact that they can just be removed anytime they want to. Thus if the celebrities don’t want their original hairs to be altered, hair extensions are the best solutions.

Check out below some facts about these amazing tools:

  • Aside from the fact that they always add volume and the best solution for temporary hairstyles, they also add length of course, thus the term “extensions”. They solve the problem for those celebrities who want to look different like with long hairs when they still have short hairs.
  • With hair extensions, you can indeed turn that bob into a mane. With hair extensions, you can almost do everything you can imagine with your hair which is obviously not the case with short hair. Even with the best hair stylists, what they can do to your hair will be limited.
  • Extensions can be used in almost all kinds of hairstyles. They can be braided in, woven in or even glued in. And they can be clipped in for that matter like when you need a special kind if hairstyle because of some event.
  • And most of all, you can turn yourself into a chameleon. You can add different colors to highlights the color of your hair.


Indeed your imagination will be the limit with hair extensions. This is why, if you are an owner of a hair salon and your stylists don’t know how to use hair extensions, you should have them enrolled in different hair extension courses. You can easily find a number of providers online.

Author Bio – Kim Hunjan BSC, brand ambassador got GLhair, teacher for Belle Academy delivering accredited hair extension courses and salon owner


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