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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Certification – What You Need to Know

Advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) is a set of clinical procedures employed for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke and other life threatening medical emergencies. ACLS is an advanced CPR Classes Certification.

ACLS is crafted for seasoned healthcare professionals, already proficient in performing BLS and ACLS skills and who are actively involved in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies. The course is meant for –

Life Support

  • Healthcare Professionals like doctors, physicians, dentists etc.
  • Medical Students
  • Nursing and Allied Health Students
  • Emergency Responders

The reason for these selection criteria is that they need to have the ability to manage the patient’s airway, read and interpret ECGs, initiate IV access and understand ACLS and emergency pharmacology.

Course Content

The course covers –

  • Major changes in advanced cardiovascular life support which reflects the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
  • It reiterates basic life support skills, including effective chest compressions, use of a bag-mask device and use of an (AED)
  • Training in recognizing and early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest
  • It also prepares for peri-arrest conditions such as symptomatic bradycardia
  • Airway management
  • Related pharmacology
  • Management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) and stroke
  • Training and development of effective communication suited for a member and leader of a resuscitation team
  • Effective Resuscitation Team Dynamics

Cardiovascular Life Support Certification

Duration of the Course

The entire course takes approximately 10-12 hours to complete, including skills practice and skills testing. The renewal course takes approximately 5-6 hours, including skills practice and skills testing.

Highlights of the Course

Most of the classroom based course –

  • Uses learning stations for practice of essential skills with simulated clinical scenarios that encourage active participation.
  • Hands-on class format, which reinforces skills proficiency.
  • Facilitates better learning
  • Through group interaction and instructor feedback
  • The course can also be done online.

classroom based course

Course Completion Certificate

To successfully complete the course, one has to pass the CPR and AED skills test, bag-mask ventilation skills test, a Megacode test and a written test. The candidate also has to clear the practical demonstration of skills competency. Once a candidate has cleared each exam, he receives an ACLS course completion certificate, which is normally valid for two years. After it, the candidate has to undergo renewal course and recertify himself.

ACLS is an advanced CPR Classes Certification, which highlights the importance of team dynamics and communication, systems of care and immediate post-cardiac-arrest care along with airway management and related pharmacology.

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