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6 Guidelines for your Submissions to the Prestigious Cundill Prize

The world of literature is not only restricted to fabricated novels and fiction or mystery and suspense. It involves the complexity of representing historical data in a fashion that will be appreciative by all the readers. However books are subjective and even history cannot claim neutrality. Therefore value based judgments are a part and parcel of books on historical facts. However it is important that the facts are true to their events and representation. This is what is important in a book based on historical values and tales and this is what is precisely recognized by the Cundill prize in historical literature.

The Pride of Recognition by Cundill

The Cundill literary prize is one such prestigious honor bestowed upon authors who represent history in a fashion that can be truly exemplary. It expands the contributions made by authors and makes sure that they are duly represented with the attention and the appreciation they deserve. It started in 2008 at the founding hands of Peter Cundill and has continued ever since honoring those who have impacted the literary society in a way that can be a source of inspiration to future writers and readers.

Cundill literary prize

Guidelines for Submission

  • Every year a list of fifteen books is selected by the jury members that are up in the contest for the prize.
  • The final decision is taken by a five member jury panel and their decision is final and binding. There is a list of criteria’s that needs to be fulfilled in order to gather a place in the contest.
  • For instance the book has to be in English and published within a certain time period. However when it comes to academic criteria it is far more complex and requires a high standard of literary achievement to have the chance to be bestowed with the Cundill honor.
  • Along with the five members jury there is also an advisory committee that is responsible for every detail.

Prestigious Cundill Prize

  • The work has to be authentic and unique. Has to have an emphasis on the subject that has been focused on and also have sufficient research and appeal to it.
  • The application and entry has to be made by the publisher and after the online application is done, seven copies of the book or books has to be sent to Cundill prize.

There are many more general instructions that have to be followed and most importantly recognition of reference and importance of the subject matter has to be emphasized in the book.

Therefore when it comes to being appreciated for history and its authentic representation then the Cundill platform is the one to have to have been doing so.

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