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4 Reasons Why Online MBA Classes May Benefit the Introvert


If you have an introverted personality, then engaging in social situations may be one of life’s major challenges. However, while not all introverts share the same personality traits, one that is common for many is the desire to learn new things. One way to satisfy this desire is for you to earn an mba, and as an introvert, there are several reasons why taking online classes may benefit you.

1.     You Can Participate More

If you dreaded fulfilling the class participation portion of your undergraduate courses, then taking mba classes online may allow you to stay in your comfort zone while engaging in online course forums. This is especially helpful if you are a strong writer but have a hard time speaking publicly or making eye contact. For example, taking online courses at ACU to earn an mba in social work, which has many opportunities for introverted individuals at the management level, can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need without struggling during those times you want to participate in class discussions.

2.     Forums Offer More Time for Reflection

Many introverts feel more comfortable and confident when they have time to consider a question or problem that is presented to them before they offer a reply. This desire for reflection, which is often a key personality trait in many introverts, can be satisfied by online classes because of how class discussions are presented. Online forums can give you the chance to reflect on any responses you want to give, which may result in a more concise and logical reply.

Having more time to prepare a reply may cause it to have more impact as well. Since many introverts are effective at written communication, an idea presented in an online learning forum might interest a greater number of people because they can focus on the words, not on whether you are nervous speaking to a group.

3.     You Can Learn Independently

While traditional classes tend to have a rigid structure, online classes typically offer you a bit more freedom when it comes to learning what you want to learn and when, which may suit you as an introvert. For example, if you are considering online courses at Case Western, an ability to be self-directed can be an advantage, especially if you are balancing school, work, and a family. If this sounds like an opportunity that might help you succeed with earning an mba, take the time to learn more about case western’s social work degree options.

4.     You Can Better Prepare for Social Situations

As an introvert, few things are probably more stressful for you than to be thrown into a social situation without warning. Feelings of stress can be even more intense when those who you must socialize with are total strangers. However, online classes do not require this kind of social situation, and when you must speak with your professors and classmates during live classes online, you will know well ahead of time. This can help you prepare and give you greater control over situations where you might have to speak in a live forum.

Higher education can be a challenge for you as an introvert. However, taking mba classes online can allow you to stay in your comfort zone more often and help you succeed in getting your degree.

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