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3 Ways the Wilderness Turns Young Men into Men

Young men experience the unique challenge of one day becoming men. As men, heavy responsibilities and expectations are placed upon them as they will one day care and protect their own family. For young men who have lost their way or are in need of therapy, there’s plenty of options including therapeutic wilderness programs offered by the Wood Creek Academy. The wilderness has proven to help young men mature, and here are three reasons why any young man can benefit from this therapy.

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They Learn to be Self-Reliant

Young men are taken out of their every day environment during their wilderness therapy and placed in the back country. There, without modern conveniences, they learn to be self-reliant. Instead of relying on others to help them complete tasks, they learn to rely on themselves and their natural talents. When they run into a road block, the participants receive the help they need from the trained staff. Eventually, they’ll realize they are capable of more than they first believed.

They Discover Themselves

Sometimes a person doesn’t truly know who they are until they are pushed past their comfort zone. In the wilderness, during therapy, young men who are not accustomed to living in this manner will absolutely discover themselves. They’ll discover how they react in certain situations, how they deal with adversity and how patience can work toward their benefit. Becoming frustrated during certain circumstances is part of being a human, and the goal is for these young men to become better human beings under inconvenient events.

They Mature

The young men who participate in a wilderness therapy program will mature. With only their wits, strength and ability to communicate, they’ll enter into unchartered waters individually and in teams in order to complete sets of tasks. None of the tasks they are assigned put the young men in harm’s way, but the tasks do push them to work through problems as they are nudged to reach successful solutions.

Young men who have lost their way are by no means a lost cause. Even adult men can turn their life around by undergoing a wilderness therapy program. Assigned tasks help participants become self-reliant, problem solvers and mature men. As they live in the outdoors, they will embark on a self-discovery journey that will help them appreciate nature, the outdoors and the beauty of stillness.

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